Our mission

GadgetStand is the place to come to for innovation. We will bring you a wide range of numerous brand new innovative products, useful for trades such as building, decorating, plumbing and more, as well as for everyday use by everybody.

This is the unique home of excellent inventions, brought to you direct from their inventors. Its founders, Sussex-based Steve Capon and Andrew Oels-Wallis, have been supporters of inventors and products for twenty years-plus.

They have now reached the point of presenting this showcase for creators' gadgets and inventions where they can also be purchased.

Within a year's time, we will have at least 100 inventors selling their own great products in our marketplace here. People behind a variety of products have a home they can truly trust and feel in complete control.

You will surely enjoy the fantastic products here at GadgetStand as much as we do.

Meet the Gadgetstand Team


Steve Capon

Steve has a great understanding of the building trade and others, having been a builder for around 40 years, as well as the world of inventions and the challenges inventors worldwide can face.

As an award-winning inventor himself, he is behind Matey Measure, the hugely popular and high profile effective measuring tool that featured on Dragons' Den in early 2023. He is particularly passionate about inventions and supporting inventors behind them.


Andrew Oels-Wallis

Andrew has a long background in graphic design and over 35 years of providing a wide range of printing services.

As a designer, he specialises in branding, logos, brochures and designing websites. His experience also includes video editing on various professional software packages.

Andrew has worked with countless business of all sizes, creating a positive impact upon their branding and identities.