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Brushkeeper No.14

Brushkeeper No.14

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"Never again find your paintbrush dryed out in a paint can."

With Brushkeeper and Ecobrush you always have a Professional paintbrush at hand suitable for acryllic and alkyd  paint. Handy for quick and easy storage during a paintjob and for longterm ( months, years) inbetween paintjobs.Handy and sustainable,  saving millions of throw-away brushes and avoiding tons of microplastics into the environment.

BrushKeeper B.V. develops and produces innovative paint-related products that are very convenient to use but also contribute to a cleaner world. The first products are EcoBrush and BrushKeeper for professional handymen and consumers, sizes 2 (10), 3 (12), 4 (14) and 5 (16) and Brushkeeper PRO for professional painters, sizes 2 (10), 3 (12), 4 (14), 5 (16) and 6 (18). 


The EcoBrush is a professional brush suitable for acrylic and alkyd and very DURABLE due to the stainless steel can, synthetic bristles and unpainted handle. 


BrushKeeper is a brush holder in which round brushes can be stored so that they do not dry out and damage.

EcoBrush, in combination with BrushKeeper, is a perfect match and the most SUSTAINABLE paintbrush available!

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The inventor behind Brushkeeper

My name is Hubert Verheijen. I was born in Amsterdam, raised in Voorburg and grew wise in Rotterdam where I studied economics and business administration. I am married, father of 3 sons and live in Vught. After my studies I worked at KPN International Business and Fokker Aircraft and then as an independent entrepreneur with, among other things, my own furniture factory and a studio for violins, violas, cellos and double basses.

In 2010 I sold my companies and started developing earlier inventions such as Sunshower and Vitapanel. I have now invented over 100 products, of which I have patented 3, Intomast (a hoisting and lowering system for flags; there are 4 at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen), Beschuitoctrooi (easy to remove a rusk from a rusk tin without a dent) and for BrushKeeper a world patent is pending.

I am also working on StabilTabil, a table that can be placed level horizontally on uneven surfaces, EasyCan, a Resealable Can end (making (coke) cans resealable) and Vitapanel, a panel in the shower with LEDs against vitamin D deficiency.

I myself have been using BrushKeeper for 20 years. In a DIY store I saw a rubber ring that fits exactly on a highball glass and in which a brush also fits exactly. It later turned out to be a sleeve of a fall pipe for a urinal. Hardly anything evaporates. The brush remains flexible and can be used at any time. I received positive feedback and thought there might be a demand for it. I actually couldn't imagine that it didn't exist yet (now I hear this more often).